A slight change

So as you all have probably noticed, KRDL has dropped a few times recently, this is due to the sheer amount of data being downloaded (we're nearing 10TB already). Due to this I have cut the download speed down to 3mbp/s. This hopefully will only be temporary!!

I hope to see some improvement to the service :). Thanks guys!

Welcome to the new KRDL.info!

Hey everyone!

So what do you think? Looks a bit "clean" don't you think?

So all of what you see here is brand new, no re-used code or anything, I've tried to really slim down everything in order to make KRDL faster and easier to maintain. Hopefully with this change updates will be faster and I can really focus on bringing more content to the website instead of fighting fires! Anyway, see below for a small list of changes:

  • No more user login - Unless you had a premium account before, you can no longer login.
  • Default download speed changed to 5mbp/s
  • No more premium purchasing - This caused a few issues, you can no longer purchase premium though if you had it before, you can continue to subscribe, which is only really good if you can pull more than 5 mbps!
  • No forums - Was full of trolls anyway :P
  • Mobile phone friendly!

If you're worried about anything due to this change, please send me an email: [email protected] If you had premium before, just check your email box / spam and you will have received your username and password :).

Thank you and enjoy the new site!