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xx Server lost

29 August 2014 11:58:47 AM by Solidarity
Quick update: Forums are closed for now, was getting full of trolls and arguing. Plenty of other forums out there you can all use. Cheers!

Hey everyone, so over these past few weeks KRDL has lost a server, the Raid controller on the server died, lost it's config which I think probably caused the first disk to crash....

Of course there was around 1.2TB of content on there and it's lost. I did not keep backups as actually re-populating a server with that much content would've been pretty much impossible.

For now KRDL will be publishing Sentai and Kamen Rider until further notice (kinda like the good old days). The cost of servers has now gone down and it'll only cost $100 a month for the time being.

Sorry for the bad news :(
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xx Server Down

05 August 2014 08:18:17 PM by Solidarity
Update 20:51 05/08/2014 BST: A HDD in the raid config has crashed and caused the kernel to panic (god knows how that's happened, I believed it was hardware raid). I am having the disk replaced at my own cost and hopefully we can get something resolved asap. May be down for a few days though. I do believe though that this server has died, if this has happened, then that's a whole lot of content gone.............

The upload server is currently down and is currently being looked at. This is unfortunately out of my control due to me not being in Germany!!

All Kamen Rider and Super Sentai *is* available during this time. However everything else is currently not.

I will post more updates as I find out more.


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