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xx Big Changes

08 April 2014 01:56:17 PM by Solidarity
Hi everyone! So as you saw a few days ago, uploading was introduced. This was and is a big step for KRDL, we aim to have as much toku as possible and this just brings us one step closer to that realization. However there have been some bigger changes also :).

Guest downloads are back!
There is no longer a need for registration, however your download speeds are 4x faster if you do register!

Also, due to KRDL now having a second server, content has been distributed between the 2. So as an example you will now sometimes see the URL This is perfectly safe, it just signifies that you are on our second server.

What do these changes mean? Well for one, we have more bandwidth and more space. And 2, KRDL's main server is small enough that it can be moved to a slightly cheaper server in the coming months.

I am also looking for a few forums mods as well as a "community manager". I am looking for somebody who can get our forums up and going again, make sure to welcome new members, that sort of stuff. If you are interested in becoming a mod or taking over the forum just throw me a PM and we can discuss this :).

That's about it for now guys, if you have any further suggestions on how KRDL can be improved, just post a comment :).

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xx Uploading is coming, like really really soon...

03 April 2014 09:45:44 PM by Solidarity
A very quick update and a cross post also. I am working on the new uploading ability for certain members, this means more content on KRDL :D. Here's the post I've put up in the new uploader forum:

"Hi everyone :).

So I've been working pretty hard to get this thing up and running ( We are on a brand new server for this, 4.5 TB of storage, a gig network, the whole shebang. It's quite basic right now, but I am improving it and will continue to for the next couple of weeks. I have paid for the first month due to a small bonus at work, but the bill will be added to the monthly server bill.

As originally agreed Mandalori has become the first uploader, he'll receive full instruction via email on how to upload, what to upload and all of that good stuff. If you'd also like to become an uploader then you basically need a great internet connection or rare content. Oh and maybe around a hundred posts of the forum, something like that... There will be scripts in place to move content about once uploaded and I will be moving content from KRDL's main server to the new one to balance loads better.

Look forward to more updates people."
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