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xx Server Down

05 August 2014 08:18:17 PM by Solidarity
Update 20:51 05/08/2014 BST: A HDD in the raid config has crashed and caused the kernel to panic (god knows how that's happened, I believed it was hardware raid). I am having the disk replaced at my own cost and hopefully we can get something resolved asap. May be down for a few days though. I do believe though that this server has died, if this has happened, then that's a whole lot of content gone.............

The upload server is currently down and is currently being looked at. This is unfortunately out of my control due to me not being in Germany!!

All Kamen Rider and Super Sentai *is* available during this time. However everything else is currently not.

I will post more updates as I find out more.


xx Big Changes

08 April 2014 01:56:17 PM by Solidarity
Hi everyone! So as you saw a few days ago, uploading was introduced. This was and is a big step for KRDL, we aim to have as much toku as possible and this just brings us one step closer to that realization. However there have been some bigger changes also :).

Guest downloads are back!
There is no longer a need for registration, however your download speeds are 4x faster if you do register!

Also, due to KRDL now having a second server, content has been distributed between the 2. So as an example you will now sometimes see the URL This is perfectly safe, it just signifies that you are on our second server.

What do these changes mean? Well for one, we have more bandwidth and more space. And 2, KRDL's main server is small enough that it can be moved to a slightly cheaper server in the coming months.

I am also looking for a few forums mods as well as a "community manager". I am looking for somebody who can get our forums up and going again, make sure to welcome new members, that sort of stuff. If you are interested in becoming a mod or taking over the forum just throw me a PM and we can discuss this :).

That's about it for now guys, if you have any further suggestions on how KRDL can be improved, just post a comment :).

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