Hey guys, no long time no see. Just a quick update to let you guys know that I've implemented a "Latest" section which you can see right here. For now all TVN Kamen Rider and Sentai files are being automatically downloaded and moved here, no input from me necessary. I hope to get O-T on here too at some point.

I 100% have intention to move these into the correct folders but for now you can just CTRL+F to find a file you want and download it free of charge and quite quickly :P.

As for what's upcoming, I have some features I want to add to KRDL which I am not really able to do (far too complex) so I have the intention to hire somebody to do this for me. So in the coming weeks I will be setting up a fundraiser/giveaway. I picked up an awesome toku related item recently which is worth a few hundreds British pounds and I'll be using that to hopefully raise money to do this! More on that soon though :).

Hope you're all well!

Hey everyone...

So how are you all doing? I'm going through a pretty rough patch in my life right now so I'm essentially taking a few months break from things... KRDL is not forgotten though, the bills are still being paid and I am looking to bring on board a new uploader who will do a much better job than the last! (Trust me that wouldn't be hard :P). So please, just sit tight, I promise I'll get this stuff sorted as soon as possible!